Casino Fashion and Dress Codes

When attending a casino, you want to look your best. But also ensure that your outfit does not conflict with the dress code requirements.

At a casino, there are various options for clothing including business-formal, business casual and semi-formal. Knowing what to wear will make your experience much more enjoyable.


Business-formal attire refers to the clothing you would wear to a white-collar office job. If you don’t know the casino’s dress code, this is an ideal option for looking upscale without appearing overdressed.

Men typically don dark suits and conservative shirts and ties; women opt for cocktail dresses and jewelry.

Semi-formal casino attire typically consists of a suit and shirt for both men and women. While not necessary, adding a waistcoat can add an air of class to your ensemble.

For morning events, this conservative outfit option is ideal; however, if the event lasts past noon or before 6 PM, we recommend switching to more casual casino attire.


The most widely accepted casino attire is business-casual. This is the standard office look that many businesses require when visiting a client’s office, making it a secure choice for most casinos.

Men can dress in dark suits and light-colored button-down collar shirts, while women may prefer an informal dress or cocktail dress. Formal shoes are mandatory for men while conservative-length skirts with stockings are preferred by women.

This dress code is less stringent than semi-formal, yet still conveys sophistication. While this dress code may be acceptable at most casinos, some might not appreciate it as much.


Before visiting a casino, it’s essential to check the dress code requirements. Doing this can help avoid embarrassment or being denied entry if your attire doesn’t meet the casino’s standards.

Semi-formal attire is the most common dress code allowed in casinos. This requires men to don dark pants, a collared shirt and leather shoes.

Women have a variety of options when it comes to this type of dress, such as cocktail dresses or pant suits. This outfit is less formal than black tie and usually reserved for events before noon.

Men can opt for a more formal appearance by wearing dark-colored tuxedos. A waistcoat or vest is recommended, though optional, as a tie can add an elegant touch to the ensemble.

Black tie

For a Hollywood-style casino visit, black tie is the way to go. This formal attire is more formal than semi-formal or business casual but not quite as strict as white tie or business formal.

Women can dress to impress in floor-length dresses or ballgowns, sophisticated jewelry and optional extras like white gloves. Men should don a stiff-front white shirt with black bow tie, waistcoat, dinner jacket (in either black or midnight blue) and dress shoes for formal events.

This dress code is typically reserved for special events that begin before noon. It’s slightly less formal than the black-tie style and can be paired with dark jeans, a collared shirt, and dress shoes.

White tie

White tie attire is one of the more formal dress codes in casinos, though it’s becoming less commonplace these days.

Men must don a white tailcoat with peaked lapels, white shirt, cufflinks and bow tie. High-waisted trousers and black patent leather shoes are also required.

Women are expected to don a full-length formal evening gown and accessorize with long white gloves and the finest jewelry.

Contrary to what many may think, white tie attire requires quite formal and meticulous preparation. To get the desired effect, hire a bespoke outfit or purchase an official white-tie suit from an established shop – you’ll get all of the benefits without spending a fortune!

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