Celebrity Gamblers and Their Stories

Gambling is a recreational pastime that appeals to our ancient brain circuitry. Although initially entertaining, gambling can quickly turn into an addiction with serious repercussions for both individuals and careers; celebrities are no exception to this rule.

Some celebrities have serious gambling addictions that lead to financial losses and relationship strain, as well as mental health concerns.

Ben Affleck

Affleck has always been quick to address media reports about his gambling activities and is dedicated an entire section of his website for clearing up any misinformation surrounding this passion of his.

He made headlines in 2014 after being banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas for counting cards at a blackjack table – a method to increase one’s odds of success at playing blackjack that is technically not illegal but which some casinos may prohibit as part of a ban policy.

Details magazine published an interview with Affleck regarding this incident for its October men’s issue, wherein he addressed it in relation to Gone Girl and gambling casinos in general. While certain casinos had banned him, Affleck still enjoys playing blackjack despite this setback and does not regret his past behavior; though admitting he’s not the best at playing it himself.

Tiger Woods

One of the world’s best known golfers is also an avid gambler, estimated to be worth approximately $2 billion and having won millions at casinos across the globe. He reportedly enjoys poker and blackjack and his partner Elin Nordgren can often be seen attending Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort gaming establishments along with him.

At his peak years, Woods was unarguably one of the greatest golfers ever seen on a course. He won multiple major tournaments and was twice honored as AP Male Athlete of the Year by Associated Press and twice chosen ESPY Sportsman of the Decade by ESPN. Additionally, he has five times won World Golf Champion status – Nike and Gillette are among his celebrity endorsements; in addition he won three PGA Tour Player of the Year awards; four-times won Byron Nelson Championship with additional top-10 finishes also in major tournaments.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is an iconic basketball player and broadcaster, but his life away from the court has had its share of challenges – one being gambling addiction. Barkley has spoken openly about this aspect of his addiction in order to inspire others while raising awareness for this important matter.

He expressed displeasure with the NBA’s policy of permitting college athletes to cash in on their name, image and likenesses for financial gain, saying this money will cause animosity among teammates and cause them to see one another differently.

He is well known for using his platform to aid philanthropic endeavors, most recently creating a scholarship fund for African American students. Additionally, he serves as one of the primary ambassadors for FanDuel Sportsbook where his NBA nostalgia encourages young adults to gamble on NBA games.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson has proven his skill on both sides of the court; now, as well, he’s become an addiction gambler who reportedly lost millions due to his gambling habit – leading him to being banned from several casinos as a result.

He once had an estimated net worth of over $200 million but lost most of it gambling. Reportedly he purchased Lamborghinis and Bentleys as well as private jets; furthermore he spent thousands playing blackjack and poker games.

Iverson’s life story is far from admirable; his mother was a drug dealer and he grew up in an apartment covered with raw sewage. However, despite these obstacles he eventually recorded a rap album under the name Jewelz; unfortunately it was never released due to its controversial lyrics. If his addiction to gambling and alcohol continues unchecked it could prove fatal; leading him down an irreparable path of self-destruction or gambling away his life completely.

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