How To Play A Winning Blackjack Game

For those who prefer games of skill over games of luck, Blackjack is just about the best bet on the casino floor.

While there’s never any guarantees that you’ll walk away a winner every single time, with a bit of practice and a strategy up your sleeve, you’ll soon discover how to play your cards just right for making the most out of the casino experience.

Of all the games on the casino floor, Blackjack has some of the best odds in favour of the player.

Below are some top tips to get you playing a winning Blackjack game.

Basic Strategy Is Best

Basic Blackjack strategy teaches us that we should always assume that the hidden card on the table is a 10. Statistically, the odds are exceptionally high that it will be.

For anybody not sure how to proceed, a basic strategy card will be helpful. A basic strategy card will teach you how to determine the best time for hitting, standing, doubling down, and even splitting a hand.

While this won’t ensure a win every time, following Blackjack’s basic strategy will greatly improve your odds.

Basic Blackjack strategy cards are widely and freely available online.

About Doubling Up

Doubling up is a fantastic way to increase your odds as well as the value of your hand.

The basic rule for doubling your bet is this: always double up whenever your first two cards total 11. Also, remember that since an Ace is such a versatile card, a pair should always be split to increase your chances of hitting a Blackjack result.

When Not To Split

Splitting a hand can be a great way to maximise value, but this should only be done under certain conditions.

Hands that should never be split are pairs of 10s and pairs of 5s. These are known as value cards. 5s should never be split as two fives make up a value hand totalling 10. This means you’ll have a good chance of making up a 10, and being hit with another 10 to make 20 – which is the next best hand to 21.

Look For Streaks

Blackjack is a casino card game that typically flows in streaks.

For this reason, experts recommend that once on a winning streak (meaning 3 or more winning hands in a row), the player should raise their bet to maximise payouts while the winning streak lasts.

Once you start drawing losing hands, you can always lower your bet back down to your original (lower) wager.

The golden rule for making the most out of a winning online blackjack real money streak is to know when to stop playing and cashing in. A good rule of thumb is to set a goal for yourself, and to stick to that goal without allowing temptation to ruin your good fortune at the table.

Make The Most Of Rewards

Casinos often offer special rewards programs. Be sure to sign up for these as they can create additional value.

Not signing up for rewards programs will result in money being left on the table unnecessarily.

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