The Biggest Casino Wins in History

Many people enjoy playing casino games in hopes of winning large sums and becoming wealthy quickly.

While many players lose money at casinos, some individuals have defied the odds to win life-altering amounts of cash. Here are some of the greatest wins in casino history.

Elmer Sherwin

Fans of slot machines may remember Elmer Sherwin, who twice hit the jackpot at a casino in Las Vegas.

He won a jackpot of 4.6 million dollars at Mirage Casino in Las Vegas 16 years later. When he returned to that same casino, this time with 21 million dollars in proceeds.

For the elderly veteran, winning such a substantial jackpot at one of Las Vegas’ casinos came as an incredible shock. He decided to donate much of his earnings to various charities in honor of this life-altering experience.

John Tippin

No one ever expects to win the jackpot in a casino game, but some people do manage it. One such lucky individual was John Tippin from Honolulu who struck lucky at Megabucks slot machine in Las Vegas.

Years after winning the big bucks, he wrote a book about his experience. Entitled “Life After the Price”, it chronicles his post-winnings life.

Tipton never became rich, yet he maintained an upright attitude throughout his life. Even after winning millions, he continued to lead a normal, everyday existence – even volunteering his services to hurricane victims as part of a relief effort.

Amy Nishimura

Amy Nishimura, 71 years old from Hawaii and on vacation in Vegas, struck it rich when she played three hours on her favorite slot machine and won over $300! With only $100 on her bankroll, this 71-year-old grandma from the islands had nothing left to spend before hitting the jackpot!

She has since become very philanthropic, contributing to Mothers Against Drunk Driving and local schools. Additionally, she’s an enthusiastic casino enthusiast who enjoys sharing her expertise with others.

She spent three hours talking to her favorite machine at the Fremont Hotel and it answered her prayers with an incredible $8.9 million payout! This incredible achievement serves as a testament to her tenacity and perseverance.

Anonymous Software Engineer

A 25-year-old engineer, only identified as “young engineer,” won $39.7 million at Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas playing slots. Instead of taking out all of their winnings at once, this anonymous winner opted to receive them in annual installments over time.

It is not often you hear of a computer programmer winning big at a casino, especially one who remains anonymous. But this is the story behind the next name on our list.

Peter, a Norwegian player, is the proud recipient of the biggest online gambling win ever: 11.7 million Euros on Arabian Knights by NetEnt – a progressive jackpot slot game!

Cynthia Jay

Cynthia Jay-Brennan hit a record $35 million jackpot on a slot machine in Las Vegas in 2001 and immediately after, her then-boyfriend Terry and she were set for life’s greatest adventures: chasing after their career goals, buying houses and traveling the globe!

Just 45 days after her triumphant win, a drunken driver with 16 prior DUI arrests crashed into her car. Lela Jay was tragically killed and Cynthia sustained a paralyzing spinal injury that has left her unable to walk or speak.

This event epitomizes the adage “right place, wrong time” like no other story ever could. It serves as a testament to both fate’s power and our capacity for triumph.

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